Dave Ramsey

We are proud to be Dave Ramsey’s endorsed local provider for accounting and tax services for Kalamazoo, Portage, Battle Creek and surrounding areas since 2005.  Dave Ramsey is a nationally known expert on personal finance, author of many books including “The Total Money Makeover” and founder of “Financial Peace University”, a program of study in personal finance offered by churches and other groups all over the country.

You may hear Dave on WKZO radio 590 from noon to 3:00PM weekdays.  If you cannot receive WKZO 590, you can also visit his website, DaveRamsey.com, and find out where else you can hear Dave.  People who visit DaveRamsey.com, request to be referred to a tax professional, and use a zip code in our area for their address will be referred to Baiers & Associates, PC.  Over the years we have met many new clients this way, and we continue to value our association with Dave.

Dave insists that endorsed local providers “have the heart of a teacher”, and take good care of the folks who come to us via his endorsement.  Those folks have the opportunity to return to Dave’s website and comment on how well we do.  Our long association with Dave is testimony to our excellence in fulfilling those responsibilities.


See what Dave says about using an ELP:   www.daveramsey.com/reclaimyourcash